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Yes, you need hydrogen for hydroprocessing. No, it is not a problem

Yes, you need hydrogen for hydroprocessing.
No, it is not a problem.

That could be the short version of this story, but we recognize that it is both an investment and a significant shift to start using hydrogen to produce renewable diesel, renewable jet fuel and naphtha. However, it is a shift that comes with benefits. Let’s have a look.

Hydroprocessing requires hydrogen to remove the oxygen from the feedstock. Much hydrogen is needed, and you will need a reliable and stable source of hydrogen to succeed. You can choose to buy the hydrogen over-the-fence from a third-party. Or you can consider producing your own hydrogen.

A hydrogen unit can make you self-sufficient

Reliable hydrogen supply is crucial for modern refineries and is essential to the production of renewable fuels. With a hydrogen unit like H2bridge™, you gain an on-premise circular solution that produces the hydrogen you need. Without the use of natural gas. This helps lower the carbon intensity of your renewable fuels and not only does this support you in meeting legislative requirements, but it also creates a seamless feed-in to product-out process.

The future of hydrogen is bright

Hydrogen is currently getting unprecedented political and business momentum, with the number of policies and projects worldwide expanding rapidly. There is even talk of 'the hydrogen economy', and hydrogen is becoming an asset that can enable renewable fuels to provide an even greater contribution to a clean and secure energy future.

More value. Better business

When the price of renewable fuels is linked to greenhouse gas emissions, hydrogen takes on an entirely new role in creating business value. You can use renewable sources to produce the hydrogen you need. These renewable streams offer a reliable method for unprecedented GHG savings. And a tight integration of a hydrogen unit with the hydroprocessing unit allows for the unique opportunity to lower both CAPEX and OPEX.

Recent case

A new 6,500 barrels-per-day renewable diesel unit for Seaboard Energy, Kansas.

Seaboard Energy were looking for a renewable technology solution promising high yield and efficient implementation. Enter the H2bridge™ hydrogen unit integrated with a Hydroflex™ hydroprocessing unit.

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