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HVO-100 diesel

Future-proof your refinery with HydroFlex™ so you can turn almost any feedstock into high-grade HVO-100 diesel. Blending HVO-100 diesel with fossil diesel decreases sulphur content and raises the cetane number. So you can meet today’s legislative and market demands for clean diesel.

Future-proof your refinery


HVO-100 gives you opportunities for greater market share

HydroFlex™ can deliver a single-unit, low-CAPEX solution for EN-590 diesel. But to meet more demanding legislation and a broader range of applications, the ability to produce HVO-100 diesel will offer you more business opportunities, especially in Europe. This requires more processing, including a dewaxing phase.

The good news is that you can revamp your existing single-unit solution to produce HVO-100. Not only that, but your new unit will then be capable of producing either HVO-100 or EN-590 diesel by changing a few simple settings.

But, is it worth the investment? The short answer is ‘yes’. Driven by legislation, market demand for HVO-100 diesel is growing. This is pushing up the value per barrel, especially in Europe where legislation is currently most demanding. US legislation is expected to develop along similar lines, making HVO-100 renewable diesel one of the most profitable fuels worldwide.

Meet rising demand for high-grade biofuels

We have a track record of developing innovative solutions for clean, competitive fuels from renewable feedstock since 2004.
We have a track record of developing innovative solutions for clean, competitive fuels from renewable feedstock since 2004.

Although the legislation concerning renewable feedstock is relatively recent, we are ready to help you meet the demand for modern, high-grade biofuels today. With HydroFlex™, you can produce renewable gasoline, jet fuel and diesel from almost any feedstock, including tall oil, used cooking oil, animal fats and vegetable oils.

The process is complex, very different to refining non-renewable fuels and requires a substantial investment. But it is also profitable.

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Five ways to turn renewable feedstocks into high-grade transport fuels

High Grade Transport Fuel 1040x493
High Grade Transport Fuel 375x515

Catalysts for renewable feedstocks

HydroFlex™ gives you access to a portfolio of 25 catalysts specific to processing renewable feedstocks. With our design and processing knowhow, we’ll help you select the optimal combination of catalysts for the renewable feedstocks available to your refinery.

Equipment for processing renewables

HydroFlex™ technology includes a comprehensive range of equipment, spare parts and consumables to process the renewables you intend to use as feedstock. We work closely with you to make sure the resulting plant is optimized to the specific needs of your refinery.

Services based on experience and knowhow

Decades of dedicated research. A broad range of hands-on experience. Deep insight into process design. You have access to the industry’s broadest range of proven engineering, technical, business and training services based on everything we have learned, designed and built for processing both renewable and non-renewable feedstocks.

Project development for peak onsite performance

From feasibility study to commissioning and beyond, we ensure optimal processes and solutions to help your business and our collaboration thrive. Even when design, construction, commissioning and start up are complete, we are available to ensure your HydroFlex™ unit continues to run at peak performance.

Process licensing
for renewables

We invest around 9% of our revenue in R&D, enabling us to carry out market-driven research into catalysis and process technologies – including renewables. Resulting in new technologies, solutions and applications that anticipate changing demands in the refinery industry.

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