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Meet rising demand for high-grade biofuels


We have a track record of developing innovative solutions for clean, competitive fuels from renewable feedstock since 2004.
Although the legislation concerning renewable feedstock is relatively recent, we are ready to help you meet demand for modern, high-grade biofuels today. With HydroFlex™, you can produce renewable gasoline, jet fuel and diesel from almost any feedstock, including tall oil, used cooking oil, animal fats and vegetable oils. The process is complex, very different to refining non-renewable fuels and requires a substantial investment.

But it is also profitable.

Working closely with you, we tailor HydroFlex™ to the layout of your unit, your intended range of feedstocks, and the specifications of the renewable fuels you aim to produce. Renewable feedstocks, for example, all require dewaxing to optimize the cold flow properties of the resulting fuels.

Clean renewable fuels with a high market value

Whether you are refining in sweet or sour mode, we take care of every catalyst selection and specification. So, your HydroFlex™ unit produces an optimal yield, free from contaminants such as potassium, sodium and silicon. Or, put another way, your unit will produce exceptionally clean renewable fuel with a high market value – and the opportunity to raise the profitability of your business.


In this video Topsoe’s Mikala Grubb, Director, Clean Fuels Technology and Jostein Gabrielsen, R&D Director joined DIGESTCONNECT to explain how it works and the impact on economics, cetane, cold flow and volumes. Have a look at this video from 03:30-33:50 (QnA from 47:40).


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