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Access to industry-leading renewables knowhow

With HydroFlex™, investing in full feedstock flexibility is substantial but sound.

The culmination of years of dedicated research into catalysts and hydroprocessing plant, HydroFlex™ gives you access to catalytical processing technologies that are leading edge. Yet, because of fast-changing market demands, they are already tried and tested.

When it comes to full feedstock flexibility, Topsoe has the in-depth chemical processing expertise and experience to deliver the complete package. Working closely with us on future-proofing your plant gives you not only a one-stop shop for the necessary technologies and catalysts, but also immediate access to the knowhow and services that will turn a major project into a long-term strategic collaboration – and business success.

Hydrogen integration

Processing renewable feedstocks is more complex than processing non-renewables. For one thing, it requires extra hydrogen. We are the only provider able to integrate the hydrogen unit with the hydrotreater – and we license both technologies.

High-yield catalysts

With our Sour mode design, you can achieve CAPEX savings of up to 35% compared to standard designs. The catalysts we use favor a hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) route which, in combination with our highly selective dewaxing catalysts, results in a higher yield.

HydroFlex™ provides you with a comprehensive package, including a level of catalysis and process expertise that no other provider can match. The next section explains how we work closely together with you to achieve the most efficient processes, the highest performance and the best possible outcomes for your refinery – and your business.

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