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H2bridge™ is a circular solution that allows you to replace external fossil feedstocks with renewable LPG or naphtha to produce hydrogen

You can look forward to significantly lowering both greenhouse gas emissions and production costs.
And as H2bridge™ fully integrates with HydroFlex™, you benefit from a seamless, feed-in to product-out process.
All from one experienced licensor responsible for the technology, catalysts, execution and technical services.

Renewable fuels
Integration provide the lowest carbon footprint

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Unprecedented GHG savings with H2bridge™

Hydrogen units aren’t just a utility anymore. They are profit-makers.

A significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) comes from the high consumption of hydrogen used to hydrotreat renewable feedstocks that contain oxygen and unsaturated compounds. With H2bridge™, refineries and biorefineries gain a circular solution that helps replace external fossil feedstocks with renewables like LPG or naphtha to produce hydrogen. Depending on the plant’s requirements, it is possible to become self-sufficient and eliminate the consumption of natural gas.

Create more value

When the price of renewable fuels is linked to GHG emissions, hydrogen takes on an entirely new role in creating value. The circular H2bridge™ solution allows you to use renewable feedstocks to produce hydrogen.

These renewable streams offer a reliable method to reduce emissions and costs significantly. The tight integration of the hydrogen unit with the hydro-treater allows for the unique opportunity to lower CAPEX and OPEX.

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