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Full feedstock flexibility for your plant

HydroFlex™ is our tried-and-tested technology for hydrotreating renewable feedstocks. We tailor unit design and catalyst selection to the specific demands of your refinery business, resulting in high-grade gasolines, jet fuels and diesels. Not only do these fuels meet international standards, they are also are fully compatible with modern combustion and jet engines and can be blended safely with regular fuels.

Consistently high-grade fuel from any feedstock

Transport Fuel 1040x1107
Transport Fuel 375x417

Greater chemical processing capabilities
– and more

No two refineries are exactly the same. The same is true of renewable feedstocks. So, you need a hydrotreating unit that:


Fits in with the specifics of your refinery’s size, location and product slate


Has the flexibility to process feedstocks of varying quality and type


Can guarantee that the resulting fuels always meet your specified quality

HydroFlex™ combines leading-edge unit design with a comprehensive range of proprietary catalysts for renewable fuel production.

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