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Futureproof your refinery with renewable feedstocks

For more than 20 years, there has been a 20-fold increase in the number of climate change-related laws worldwide. Opportunities have been found amongst these ever-changing regulations. With new technology from Topsoe, refineries can turn feedstock into renewable fuel, reduce emissions, comply with legislation, diversify the business, and expand market share.

Climate change is high on the global agenda, as governments worldwide pass ever-stricter requirements for increasing renewable fuels and lowering emissions. This global trend has far-reaching repercussions for the refinery industry. It also means vast opportunities. By processing renewable feedstocks alongside non- renewables, you can lower emissions and future-proof your refinery.

Opportunities among the legislation

With our HydroFlex™ solution, we created a reliable way to add full feedstock flexibility to your refinery. With our H2bridge™ technology, we complete the process and allow refiners to turn almost any feedstock into on-spec fuel, like gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel whilst reducing emissions.

It’s a solution that we have developed and refined long before the new legislation hit the market. From trash to treasure, these renewables let you diversify your product line, reduce business risk, and support compliance with the new regulations.

One solution. Multiple advantages.

With H2bridge™’s integrated hydrogen unit, refineries gain the last piece of the puzzle to convert renewable feedstocks into fuel. The unit is used in combination with our HydroFlex™ technology to integrate the hydrogen and hydrotreater units. This creates new optimization possibilities and the clear advantages of working with a single licensor.

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