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Be ready for the feedstocks of the future

The price and availability of feedstocks are some of the most crucial factors affecting biodiesel production. So how do you make yourself independent of market fluctuations, unpredictable feedstock pricing, changing regulations, and restrictive blending caps?

One of the most sustainable bets is opting for hydroprocessing and the build-in flexibility it brings to your refinery.

The generation challenge is real

As a FAME producer, you are already familiar with first-generation feedstocks like vegetable oil, animal fat or tallow. Perhaps you have also included second-generation biomass feedstock and have experienced the need for different processes like pretreatments to capitalize on the investment?

At the same time, the ‘food vs fuel’ debate and concerns around land use is likely to limit the use of these types of feedstocks in the future.

To become independent and flexible you can look to the evolving third-generation feedstocks like algae which are generally low cost, high-energy and completely renewable. But the catch is, that you will not be able to process these new advanced feedstocks in a traditional FAME set-up.

Add to that, that the future of biofuels may not rely on one generation of feedstocks alone but the ability to combine the three generations to cope with the increasing demand for renewable fuels.

Get total feedstock flexibility

To achieve maximum feedstock flexibility, you will need the ability to process whatever feedstock you have available. The HydroFlex™ is our tried-and-tested technology for hydrotreating feedstock of varying quality and type.

You can begin hydrotreating the feedstocks you know and build from there. You can change feedstock and take advantage of lower prices, lower quality, better availability and still deliver the specified quality of renewable fuel. And when the third-generation feedstocks become readily available in the market, you will be able to benefit from those too.

How do we know that this will work? We know because our R&D experts for a decade have been analyzing and testing the possibilities. Along with a number of trusted partners, we are leaving no stone unturned, and we can confidently claim to be at the forefront of the technologies needed for the future. Our test labs constantly test various process conditions and unit configurations for specific feedstocks, including solids to liquid which are not far from being commercialized.


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