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Your transformation project, is our commitment

The decision to transform your biorefinery and implement hydroprocessing to meet future market demands is not easy. We understand that. But there are ways to make such a decision safer and less complicated.

Most importantly, you need to have a licensor who is a fully dedicated and competent partner. An experienced ally who understands your business, knows the market, and has the skills to look beyond the obvious when designing and evaluating what is needed. We are that partner.

Get support from the drawing board to full operation

As your project development partner, we offer extensive knowledge and experience. In a close collaboration we will explore what needs to be done to bring your transformation strategy to life. And though no two projects are the same, this process has proven valuable:

NB: Vi skal have lavet grafik ud af de fire emner, så det bliver let at afkode.

Scope & Design

What feedstocks do you have experience with – and access to? What do you want to produce? Which - if any - assets are already in place? These are some of the initial questions.

The next step is the development of a basic engineering design package (BEDP), providing you with the necessary information on exactly how to integrate the hydrotreatment unit with your current set-up. The BEDP is also the foundation for your preferred Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) partner to proceed with detailed Front End Engineering Design (FEED). Regardless of your choice of EPC, we will be there to support, advise and review plans throughout the process.

Perhaps a detailed feasibility study will benefit the decision-making process and provide you with the best possible overview and a solid decision-making platform prior to the BEDP. We can provide that study.

Construction & Commissioning

During the initial construction phase, we will be available for advice and support. Once the plant is ready to install proprietary equipment like reactor internals, we will be present to provide advisory services on any topic within our scope.

Unit start-up

Once the HydroFlex™ unit has been commissioned, the catalysts can be loaded and activated. At this time, everyone from the EPC to the pre-treatment vendor and will be there. And so will we as the licensor. Once a stable operation is achieved, it’s time to conduct the Performance Guarantee Test Run (PGTR) to ensure the unit performs exactly as expected and fulfills the guarantees.

Operation & Optimization
Our services continue long after your HydroFlex™ unit is up and running. We’re always there to help you gain the best possible return on your investment and the highest possible yield in the changing feedstock market.

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