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When you work with us, not only are you investing in new capabilities, but also in a team you can trust to go the extra mile in future-proofing your business. Even when design, construction, commissioning and start up are complete, we are available to ensure your HydroFlex™ unit continues to run at peak performance.


Fuel for thought

Compared to conventional biodiesel (FAME), renewable diesel produced with HydroFlex™ has the highest cetane content, best cold flow properties and the highest market value.

Collaboration that achieves efficient processes


Feasibility study

This is where we make it as easy as possible for you take the crucial decisions on the feeds, product slate and capacities of your new plant.



We optimize your plant for flexibility of feedstock and quality of fuel so you will get the maximum return on your investment – without stepping outside the constraints of your budget.



We work closely with reputable EPC contractors, and as the licensor we are onsite during commissioning to help make sure everything goes according to plan


The process

From feasibility study to commissioning and beyond, we ensure optimal processes and solutions to help your business and our collaboration thrive.


1. Scope & design

We are instrumental in facilitating initial meetings to develop the project scope through to finalizing the design, which can take anything between six months to three years.

2. Construction

We complete the design package and take a less active role during the 12-24 months of the construction phase.

3. Startup & operation

Once the reactors are ready, we supervise the installation of proprietary hardware, load the catalysts and make sure everything runs at optimal performance.

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Find out more about HydroFlex™ technologies and processes in the Fuel for Thought brochure.

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