The Fuel for Thought Podcast

The world’s first podcast about renewables for the refinery industry launches season three.

This season, Sylvain Verdier and Mikala Grubb from Topsoe look into some of the most pressing topics about renewable fuels,  including feedstock supply, legislation, certification, sustainable aviation fuel and much more. 

Together with a series of key industry players, experts, and influencers they discuss some of the challenges facing refineries, so you can benchmark your business, learn more about what is driving our industry and where it is heading.

Five great reasons to listen:


  • Get all the latest news, views and reviews
  • Keep pace with a fast-changing industry
  • Learn to turn new demands into opportunities for growth
  • Hear how your peers are dealing with the changes
  • Learn more about renewable fuels



Listen to season three of
The Fuel for Thought Podcast:

Episode 1:

Biofuel production has taken off. Are you ready?

Since the last season of The Fuel for Thought Podcast, the global renewable fuel industry has seen a surge in projects and interest in sustainable aviation fuel. Mikala and Sylvain are kicking off the new season with a discussion of what changes the industry has been through, and where it is headed.   In this episode, they will share their thoughts on the current trends in the global renewable fuel market, touching on everything from new biofuel initiatives to the rise of hydrogen – and more.


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Episode 2:

Sustainable aviation fuel - it is finally happening!

The question of how to enable more sustainable air travel has long involved the challenge of SAF production. However, now everything seems to come together: feedstocks, technologies, and legislation. 

In this episode, Sylvain talks to Oskar Meijerink from SkyNRG, about the current state - and future - of sustainable aviation fuel, with insight from a legislative and technological perspective. They’ll discuss everything from blending mandates and approved pathways to feedstock selection and future technologies.  

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Episode 3:

European renewable fuel legislation - the revolution is here  

With the onset of the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive Recast – RED II - European lawmakers are setting ambitious targets for renewable-fuel production...but can ambition be matched by capability?   

In this episode, Mikala interviews our own Sylvain Verdier, and Ian Moore, Technical Director – Low Carbon at Advisian, to help foster a better understanding of RED II’s purpose and objectives, and the potential impact they will have on Europe’s renewable fuel industry. 


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Episode 4:

Renewable feedstocks for biofuel production - is there enough?  

It’s no secret that when it comes to biofuel, feedstocks are worth their weight in gold - or more - and have the potential to become even more valuable as new legislation prioritizes increased renewable fuel production.   

In this episode, Sylvain discusses the feedstock market’s present conditions and future possibilities with Maryro Mendez from Vitol, covering everything from 1st-generation feeds such as rapeseed oil to innovative 3rd-generation opportunities for example wood-based pyrolysis oil. 


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Episode 5:

What does it take to certify renewable fuels?  

As renewable fuel demand will increase significantly in the coming decades and sustainability criteria are getting more stringent, certification is becoming an even more important factor for the whole renewable fuel supply chain.

In this episode, Sylvain welcomes Elena Schmidt from the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB), and Sascha Wüstenhöfer from International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC), for an extensive rundown on what it takes to keep renewable fuel production sustainable.


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Episode 6:

Is the shipping industry finally ready for the decarbonization race?  

The shipping industry is entering the decarbonization journey at full speed. Green fuels, blue fuels, biofuels…. where will the world take them? Several initiatives are currently in place at International Maritime Organization (IMO) and EU level, but will those be sufficient to drive the change needed? 

These are some of the questions we discuss with decarbonization experts Torben Nørgaard and Michael Maimann from the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping.


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