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ReThink waste processing

Converting waste to fuel with HydroFlex™

The underestimated power of industrial waste processing

World Bank statistics show that the world produces 2 billion tons of municipal solid waste annually. At least a third of that is not managed optimally. With numbers like that, the message is clear:

It’s time to Re-Think waste processing.

HydroFlexTM - converting waste to fuel

The billions of tons of tires, plastic, and municipal solid waste that make their way to landfills and incinerators each year make up one of the world’s most undervalued and forgotten resources.

See industrial waste processing as a resource with Hydroflex™, the reliable way to add full feedstock flexibility to your refinery.

HydroFlex™ technology is a vital part of the three-step waste to fuel process that converts mixed-waste feedstock into diesel, jet fuel and gasoline. Once the waste is clear of contaminants, HydroFlex™ works to upgrade the material to meet all required fuel specifications, including ASTM, D7566, and EN 590, EN 15940, and ASTM D975. You can also convert it to plastic pyrolysis oil.

With HydroFlex™ you can transform your waste processing when you:

  • Recycle low-grade waste into valuable feedstock
  • Reduce dependency on fossil-based resources
  • Decrease your carbon footprint by using carbon more efficiently
  • Create a stronger market position and optimize offerings


A most sustainable fuel for planes and ships

In recent years, there has been much focus on electricity as a fuel source for vehicles. While electric cars and trucks are an increasing reality for the auto industry, the same cannot be said for shipping and aviation.

Ships and planes will depend on fuel for many years to come, and the source of that fuel must be as renewable as possible. By converting existing waste to fuel in the form of diesel, jet fuel, gasoline, and naphtha, you can create a renewable solution for the aviation and shipping industries and stay on the right side of future regulation and market pressure.

The early adopters

Waste to fuel initiatives are nothing new to scientists at Topsoe. For the past 16 years, we have led research and development programs aimed at renewable feedstocks for the refinery industry.

The results of these efforts led to the creation of new and innovative solutions for converting industrial waste into both plastic and fuel.

Want to turn waste to fuel?

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