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Increase your renewable footprint by coprocessing renewable feedstocks


The journey to renewable fuel production can be challenging. One way to start is through coprocessing.

Coprocessing involves the simultaneous processing of fossil and renewable feedstocks. Whether it is to fulfill legislation compliance, grasp new business opportunities, or take a step toward 100% renewable production, coprocessing can help you meet your goals.

Making the switch to renewables

Coprocessing is an umbrella term that covers a range of renewable/fossil ratios.

For refineries looking to start with less than 10 percent of renewable feed sources, solutions often involve a new load of catalysts. Coprocessing with more than 10 percent renewable feed sources mostly involves a revamp.

In addition to a new catalyst load, refineries may also need to update the metallurgy in their reactor to protect it against corrosion. It is also necessary to consider exotherms (heat development) due to the increased heat release from renewable feed hydrogenation reactions and additional hydrogen due to a possible increase in hydrogen consumption.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to renewable feed coprocessing. Each refinery has its own set of challenges. Those starting with low levels of renewable feed coprocessing require less feedstock, which means a smaller investment and avoidance of significantly increased hydrogen consumption. Higher amounts of coprocessing can be carried out by revamping existing units, which includes upgrading the metallurgy, replacing reactor internals and evaluating hydrogen availability.

Regardless of the challenges, we have the technology and know-how to help produce fuel from almost any feedstock mix for virtually any size plant. By coprocessing, you can begin adding diversity and growth opportunities to your refinery – and your business.

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