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Working closely with you, Topsoe tailors HydroFlex™ to the layout of your plant, your intended range of feedstocks, and the specifications of the renewable fuels you aim to produce. Renewable feedstocks, for example, all require dewaxing to optimize the cold flow properties of the resulting fuels.

Since 2004, we have been running dedicated research and development programs into renewable feedstocks for the refinery industry. The processes involved are complex enough. But that is only the beginning. Feedstocks vary in quality and availability depending on where you are in the world. So, you need an approach to hydro-processing and dewaxing that is flexible and capable of running as an integral part of your existing refinery.

Clean renewable fuels with a high market value

Whether you are refining in sweet or sour mode, we take care of every catalyst selection and specification. So, your HydroFlex™ unit produces an optimal yield, free from contaminants such as potassium, sodium and silicon. Or, put another way, your unit will produce exceptionally clean renewable fuel with a high market value – and the opportunity to raise the profitability of your business.

Market-driven research and development

Because Topsoe invests 9% of our annual revenue in R&D, we are able to carry out market-driven research into catalysis and process technologies – including renewables. Our aim is always to introduce new technologies, solutions and applications that anticipate changing legislation and market trends in the refinery industry.

We are currently participating in several external research partnerships that focus on identifying the most sustainable and economically competitive technology to transform solid feedstocks into liquid which can then be hydroprocessed with our HydroFlex™ technology.

Running references

Topsoe Renewables is helping a number of major players in the refinery industry introduce full feedstock flexibility to their operations. And the list is growing. If you’d like to hear more about our projects, you can contact us using the form below.

Expert guidance from the market leaders

When you work with us, not only are you investing in new capabilities, but also in a team you can trust to go the extra mile in future-proofing your business. Even when design, construction, commissioning and start up are complete, we are available to ensure your HydroFlex™ unit continues to run at peak performance.

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