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Renewable diesel offers you several advantages over first-generation FAME (fatty acid methyl esters) or conventional diesel.

Compared to FAME, renewable diesel has the highest cetane content, best cold flow properties, and highest market value as the properties are close to conventional diesel. Not to forget that renewable diesel can be used with no blending limits making it a profitable choice for the future.


Not only do renewable diesel and jet fuel meet international standards - but they are also fully compatible with modern combustion and jet engines and can be blended safely with fossil fuels. 


  Conventional diesel 1st generation diesel FAME Renewable diesel
Cetane 40-55 50-60 70-80
Cold flow properties ++ + +++
Blend in - max. 7%* 0-100%
Market value ++ + ++++

*in EN590

What is hydroprocessing?

Hydroprocessing is a catalytic hydrodeoxygenation process, making it possible to turn virtually any renewable feedstock into an on-spec fuel. The process cleans and alters the bio feedstock making saturated hydrocarbons suitable for renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel.


The first step in hydroprocessing is to capture all contaminants such as metals, particles, and scales with a guard catalyst. At the same time, double bonds are saturated and oxygen, sulfur, and nitrogen are substituted with hydrogen-producing long saturated straight line hydrocarbons.

The second part of the process is to change the long straight chains of hydrocarbons by either isomerization, hydrocracking, or both depending on the bio feedstock and the desired product.
Isomerization is also known as dewaxing. In this process, the straight chains become branched molecules, which secure the product to stay in liquid form at low temperatures. In hydrocracking the long straight chains will be cut into smaller molecules, lowering the density and boiling point of the product. This is needed especially when making sustainable aviation fuel or processing very heavy feedstocks.

Get more options to succeed in the future

When you produce FAME (biodiesel), your options are limited as biodiesel is the only product you can make and sell. But with HydroFlex™, you can produce renewable naphtha (e.g. plastic production), renewable diesel, and renewable jet fuel. Not only can you produce this range of renewables, but you can also alter and tune the process to produce most of the product that currently has the highest margin.

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