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The Fuel for Thought Podcast

The world’s first podcast about renewables for the refinery industry launches season two.

This time, Sylvain Verdier and Mikala Grubb from Topsoe look into some of the most pressing topics in renewables and the refining industry, including trends in advanced biofuels and hydrogen, pyrolysis and its challenges and opportunities, successful transition to processing renewables, and much more. 

Together with a series of key industry players, experts, and influencers they discuss some of the challenges facing refineries, so you can benchmark your business, learn more about what is driving our industry and where it is heading.

Five great reasons to listen:


  • Get all the latest news, views and reviews
  • Keep pace with a fast-changing industry
  • Learn to turn new demands into opportunities for growth
  • Hear how your peers are dealing with the changes
  • Learn more about renewable fuels



Listen to season two of
The Fuel for Thought Podcast:

Episode 1:

Trends in advanced biofuels and hydrogen: where are we heading?

The European Green Deal and new legislation in North America have set up significant new standards for refinery emissions. All the while, new feedstocks are emerging, and technologies are being increasingly improved. Are we on the verge of the ultimate breakthrough for advanced biofuels and hydrogen in refineries?


In this episode of The Fuel for Thought Podcast, Sylvain and Mikala discuss current trends in the world of renewable fuels. They touch upon developments within the legislative sphere, compare future feedstocks and more.


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Episode 2:

How ambitious business goals can lead the way towards decarbonization  

Refineries setting out to transit their operations to renewables face several legislative, technical, and business-related barriers. At Preem, Sweden’s largest refinery, they have found their own ways of solving the puzzle.


In this episode of The Fuel for Thought Podcast, Sylvain hosts Business Developer Åsa Håkansson and Development Engineer Eva Lind Grennfelt from Preem. They provide you with an insight into Preem’s renewable journey. Learn about their overall strategic thoughts, the renewable revamp of their Gothenburg refinery, advanced feedstock focus areas and more.

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