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Chance or change?

For biorefiners, change is a constant reality. Today you face inevitable rising feedstock prices, increased legislation for blending limits, and changing demands for your products. To solve these challenges, we propose another change: a shift to hydroprocessing with HydroFlex™.

Having full flexibility in the choice of feedstock is a way to stay agile and competitive. To win greater market share. And grow your business.

Be ready for tomorrow's demands

In today's changing world, having feedstock flexibility is critical to ensure high margins on the barrel, and an extensive product flexibility will allow for maximum business opportunities.

Benefit from a proven industrial technology for hydroprocessing, allowing you to transform almost any renewable feedstocks into high-value renewable diesel, jet fuel, and naphtha. All sought-after renewable options which are more valuable than other fuels and a safe choice for the future.

Produce what sells

When you produce FAME (biodiesel), your options are limited as biodiesel is the only product you can make and sell. HydroFlex™ gives you more possibilities.


Complete feedstock flexibility
Turn virtually any renewable feedstock into on-spec, high-grade, clean fuel.


Superior product properties
Compared to FAME, renewable diesel has the highest cetane content, the best cold flow properties, and the highest market value.


Full market adaptability
Renewable diesel, renewable jet fuel, or naphtha? You can alter and tune the process to produce most of what currently has the highest margin.

Future-proof your biorefinery against changing legislations, feedstock price fluctuations, and limits on feedstock use.

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