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Renewable feedstocks

Processing renewable feedstocks is complex. The range of feedstocks is extremely wide, and they can be processed in many different ways. Because of this diversity, unit design is crucial – as is selecting and loading the right catalysts. But no matter what feedstock you choose, with HydroFlex™ technology the result will be consistently high-grade fuel.

Diesel from renewable feedstocks

With HydroFlex™, your renewable diesel will meet all ASTM 975 and EN 590 specifications. Because of its high cetane number and low sulphur content, you can blend it with lower-grade fossil diesel so it complies with today’s ever-tightening legislation.

HVO-100 diesel

With HydroFlex™ you can turn almost any feedstock into high-grade HVO-100 diesel. What’s more, blending HVO-100 diesel with fossil diesel decreases sulphur content and raises the cetane number. So you can meet today’s legislative and market demands for clean diesel.

Jet fuel from renewable feedstocks

Expand your refinery business with HydroFlex™ and you’ll be able to convert renewable feedstocks into drop-in, ultra-low sulfur jet fuel. Our proven system gives you total feedstock flexibility. So you can future-proof your refinery against today’s changing legislative and market demands.

Naphtha from renewable feedstocks

Renewable naphtha is an intermediary product that converts to gasoline, plastics, or feedstock for hydrogen production– and it is a byproduct that refineries already produce when they convert renewable feedstock into diesel. The demand for non-fossil feedstocks is increasing. With Naphtha, refiners can make every drop count.

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